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Friends Stick Together & The Escaped Prisoner

Friends Stick Together & The Escaped Prisoner

By (author)  Barbara ChaseEdited by  Peter (Adonija) AlleyneIllustrated by  Alicia Alleyne P.J. Lovell
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Book Description

These two short novelettes intended for pre-teens, may also be enjoyed by young adults. The language is simple so that those who are reluctant readers as well as those who are new to the use of the English language may find it easy reading. The discourse though not complex, holds attention.


The stories are set in an island in the Eastern Caribbean and the picture of the culture and history of primary school education and the quaint nature of the communities around those schools is brought out.


Friends Stick Together is the story of three friends who share the familiar bond of primary school mates. They are well behaved middle class children whose lives seem ordinary enough until the unthinkable happens. The battle then becomes, keeping the bonds of friendship intact in the face of rooting out the illicit activity which is affecting their young lives.


The Escaped Prisoner stars two of the friends from the previous story and focuses on their involvement with the Brownie movement.  It looks at class divisions in this Caribbean nation through the eyes of young people, and compares and contrasts this to deviance and crime. As the story carries the characters along against the backdrop of the scenery, it looks into their souls and spirits and shows that everyone is an individual who can choose right or wrong, legal or illegal. Friendship, Justice and fair play, kindness and love are the main themes in this story.