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By (author)  Robert R. Gibson
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Book Description

Robert R. Gibson is called many things - from the 'Loovvveee Man' to the 'King of Hearts'- but his stage name accurately describes this master of seduction.  As PassionPoet, he thrills audiences with powerful penetrative strokes of his pen; his words incite intense emotions in anyone who sees him perform or reads his poetry. 

 Now, he has published his first book, pouring all his poetic potency into his anthology EROTIC.   It is a sizzling journey into sensuality and romance using poetry as the vehicle. His goal is to lyrically impregnate his readers as he penetrates them repeatedly with rhythm and meter until they climax into orgasmic mental bliss.  In this volume, he intends to make you "cum to the conclusion / that [his] words were the intrusion / that made you weak kneed..."

 But it's not just sex. 

 He pulls at heart strings with intense love poetry that melts emotions, making hearers instantly get all 'warm and fuzzy' inside.  His work is complete, with myriad views on sex and love written in such a way that the readers' mind is just as stimulated as their genitalia.